How is Oscorp Global boosting startups?

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Written By - Anna Hathway

Digital Marketing for Startups has changed the way people buy
products or avail services. Startups have changed how many key industries conduct business, whether it is through digital goods, smartphone apps, or aggregator platforms. Particularly in the ways that people interact with and discover companies, products, and services, this digital media has advanced significantly over others.

Additionally, it has a viral effect whereby consumers compare and get pleased with a particular good or service, becoming influencers who then persuade others to use or purchase the same thing or make use of the same service.

We may undoubtedly be a resource to you given our prior rich and prosperous expertise in the field of marketing products such as aggregator platforms, digital products, e-commerce or learning platforms, financial products, etc. for generating leads and driving sales. We serve numerous organizations rather than just one, therefore we are more up-to-date on changes and what is and is not working.

We research pertinent marketing niches and concentrate on their relevance.

Social Media Expertise

Startups are paving the road for the rest of the world to join the social media revolution. They not only draw in the most customers, but they also produce client traffic that is impacted by social factors. The distribution of the population in society is now further based on factors like age and skill as more and more social platforms emerge.

We are experienced and active on most of the platforms popular in India like Facebook.
Whatsapp, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to name a few. A successful Startup in
India not only builds a brand value on Social Media but also generates leads for its growth.

Lead Generation

For qualified Indian startups who are working to expand, we provide lead generation services. A thorough understanding of business and financial products, as well as their marketplace competitors, is required for the process. A brainstorming session regarding the potential campaign with important corporate figures follows this.

Campaigns are then created and launched on the appropriate channel to reach a sizable target audience or a narrow niche (depending upon the nature of the product). With no need for manual intervention, the lead is acquired and transmitted right away to the sales team. Industries served: Financial Products, Aggregator Platforms, E-Commerce, E-Learning, Staffing Solutions, etc.

Digital media’s increasing reach has made it a vital tool for enhancing or undermining brand value or business reputation. A single viral article can aid in a brand building without costing millions of dollars.

The same platform is used by rival companies or some disgruntled consumers to damage the reputation of the company. Furthermore, they make further efforts to influence the media and their supporters to spread the word like wildfire. We assist companies in maintaining control over the same. Even while it may not be under control, its consequences can always be stopped by taking quick action.

Oscorp Digital agency has taken an initiative to build a digital marketing presence of 100 startups in this plan we would offer social media and paid marketing solutions to these startups. As an agency, we wished to help more and more startups boost their marketing in today’s world.

If you want to know more about this offer you can get in touch with our team.

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