Should you hire an agency or build a team for digital marketing?

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Written By - Anna Hathway

If you are looking to scale up your marketing, you will need talented people that can take charge of and execute your strategy.

But should you build your own in-house marketing team or hire an agency partner?

We can all agree that it’s critical to invest in marketing.

But how should you spend your investment in digital marketing?

Yes, you are free to employ a do-it-yourself strategy and manage your own marketing campaigns for however long you like. However, developing and carrying out a comprehensive marketing plan takes time.

Doesn’t hiring a professional to assist with your marketing make more sense as your company expands?

When you’re prepared to enlist professional marketing assistance, you have two options: either create an internal marketing team or collaborate with a digital marketing firm.

In some circumstances, assembling an internal team will make sense and has some advantages. In-house teams typically offer more control with a tighter, more concentrated team.

Your success when making internal hires will largely depend on how you find and choose prospective employees. It’s important to find the proper fit for your organisation.

When dealing with an agency, there is a good probability that the individuals allocated to your project are also assisting other clients.

The agency you work with may not be able to give you their complete attention, as they would if they were working just for your company, because they are juggling many obligations.

Digital agencies are organizations that provide support to other businesses in carrying out particular tasks like marketing, development, or design.

They serve the same labour function as an internal staff would, but outside of the company.

Depending on the size of their team and the level of skill they possess, they frequently specialize in particular fields.

When it comes to a particular function or industry, digital marketing agencies are more likely to have a greater level of expertise. This is due to the fact that they almost certainly have a particular area of expertise or job experience with clients in your industry.

Specialization – The majority of agencies focus on one or two areas, such as performance marketing or content marketing. Any particular agency is likely to have a high level of skill and expertise in their field, especially given that they offer these services to numerous clients.
Insights into the industry – Agencies may work with dozens of customers concurrently. They probably have experience working with businesses in situations or industries comparable to your own.

An employee is aware of their place in the chain of command. As a result, unless they are in high management, it is doubtful that they will be thinking strategically.

In contrast, a digital marketing agency collaborates with you as a partner. As a result, you are essentially paying for a marketing partner rather than an additional team of personnel.

The decision to go internal or to assemble your own team will depend on your particular circumstances.

You will need to take into account every factor, including cost, your market, and also your capacity to assemble an excellent workforce.

The ideal course of action might involve combining some internal recruits with a digital marketing agency.

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